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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Derry Mortgage Centre - In Partnership with
Co-Ownership and First Buy NI


Derry Mortgage Centre is proud to be a registered adviser with Co-Ownership.
Let Co-Ownership (NI) help you to buy your new home.
Co-Ownership bridges the large gap that has arisen between the rent payer and homeowners allowing younger applicants and lower income applicants to get a foot on the housing ladder through a very simple and cost effective method.

Q. What is Co-Ownership?
A. Co-Ownership is a partnership between yourself as a homebuyer and the Co-Ownership Housing Association to help you to buy a property on the housing market where you may not have previously been able to buy on your own.

Q. What does Co-Ownership Do?
A. Co-Ownership will buy your house. You will then take on a certain percentage of the property value (minimum 50%) for which you will place a mortgage (minus deposit) against your part of the property and you will pay rent to Co-Ownership based on their value of ownership

Q. I don't have a deposit, can I still apply?
A. While it is highly recommended that you have a deposit to hand there is still currently a lender that will allow mortgage applications without a deposit in place. (100% Loan to Value mortgage on your share of the property)

Q. Can I buy more of the property back from Co-Ownership?
A. You can buy back any amount you want at any time. You will have to buy in minimum 5% tranches up to a maximum of 90% but do remember that you will buy back at the current market value.

Q. What if I want to sell my house?
A. You can sell your house any time you want but the Co-Ownership portion of the house will increase in value along with your portion. If you bought your house on a 50/50 basis for £100,000 and your house doubles in value, this would mean that the Co-Ownership portion of the house will also double in value and will now cost £100,000 to buy out.

Q. Who can I speak to regarding Co-Ownership
A. Derry Mortgage Centre has placed many applications with Co-Ownership through the years and is familiar with the staff and practices, along with a wide experience of the mortgage market it makes us the perfect partner to take you through the Co-Ownership process

Please note that Co-Ownership also has options for previous home owners who are finding it hard to get onto the housing market again.


If you would like any specific information about Co-Ownership or would like to speak to an adviser about how this scheme can help you then please fill in the form below and we will get in contact with you as soon as we can.
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If you would like more information on the Co-Ownership program or would like to arrange a consultation to discuss a potential application then please contact Derry Mortgage Centre on 028 71417295 or visit the Co-Ownership website at * or contact Co-Ownership on 028 9032 7276
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